What is vivoj?

vivoj is a live video and journaling platform, currently under development.

At vivoj you will find a site ready to share photos, stream videos, blog, and read some awesome content. We aim at being one of your favorite social networks.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at: support@vivoj.com

How to use vivoj?

Using vivoj is easy. On the front page Home, you can read what's trending on business, world news and technology.

That's it.

You can then sign up on the Profile page, publish any story you like and share it with your friends.

We will suggest you some cool articles on the section Articles, and invite you to follow up some other members.

Why should you blog on vivoj?

The user experience on messaging apps could use some improvements.

When users connect with their friends and contacts, they also have an opportunity to reach a global audience.

vivoj provides a modern plaform to publish content, reach a global audience and access tools to increase productivity.

It shouldn't be difficult to be productive and engage in social media at the same time

Our platform attempts to close the gap between social networks and productivity.

Content creators and businesses should find in a live journaling platform, like vivoj, a way to enhance their daily activities by streaming live content and be productive at the same time.

Making blogging more productive

vivoj understands your time is very precious. Whenever you read an article online, it should be a high quality and productive article. But where do you find such content nowadays?

Here at vivoj we publish only extremely high quality and productive articles in our section called Articles.

Our mission and definition for vivoj, is to connect users and publishers to the highest quality of articles across thousands of different topics.

Our sections at vivoj

Following our mission of making live journals more productive, vivoj contains the section Home, made for reading current news and popular topics.

At its core, vivoj represents a balance between reading high quality content and publishing updates. That's why our section Profile allows users to journal their work with minimum friction and coupled with a recommendation stream.

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